Dispute Resolution
& HMRC Enquiries

We provide independent tax advice to help resolve disputes ranging from divorce, commercial litigation or disputes with HMRC.

Dispute Resolution

We are trusted advisers to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses, working together to achieve long-term sustainable growth. We embody an approachable and pro-active philosophy to support our clients make smarter financial decisions.

HMRC Enquiries & Investigations

We can provide comprehensive advice to individuals and businesses who are facing an HMRC enquiry, a complex investigation or wish to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC.

We can reduce the stress caused by providing a service which is tailored to your needs.

We can liaise with HMRC and guide you through the process and will try to obtain the best outcome for you. Whether you are an individual, a sole trader, partner in a partnership/LLP, have your own company, are a trustee or executor of an estate, we have the experience and the expertise to deal with these matters.



Tax is often the last thing that divorcing couples think about. However understanding the tax implications on a divorce settlement is crucial.

Early planning of any split of assets can help mitigate a potential high tax bill in an already stressful period for clients.

We help clients and support their lawyers understanding the value of assets and potential tax consequences by advising them personally or as an Expert instruction.

We have helped clients deal with unintended tax consequences by careful planning and de-mergers when business and properties are  involved.


Expert witness & Valuations

We provide independent tax advice to help resolve disputes in areas such as commercial litigation which can involve fiscal valuations.

We seek to provide evidence and support for cases, by making technical evaluations across a wide range of issues and reporting on them clearly and in a straight-forward manner.


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